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About The Artist

One man, many songs, a brand new sound

JiNXEMGOOD is, Jonathan Mullica, a multi-talented musician/songwriter, artist/designer from New Jersey.

Playing guitar since 1992, it was in 2011 that Jonathan created "FolkStep", an upbeat and energy driven version of folk music with catchy riffs, uncanny melodies, and noticed percussion. At first strum of his specially tuned guitar, every eye in the audience is locked in on what he does. Using step-up tuning and multiple capos, Jonathan creates a truly unique sound. It's pure magic to see Jonathan work his guitar live. He does not use a pick, but only one finger to strum the strings. His fast wrist movements combined with finger picking, muting, and tapping create an amazing percussive sound; much like he is playing a bass, guitar, and drums all at once.

Jonathan started writing his unique brand of music in August 2011, and since has amassed well over 200 songs, 30% of which are posted online as demo audio and video presentations (available on SoundCloud, ReverbNation, Giggem, and YouTube). Jonathan is constantly writing and creating new music that reflects his unique style.

Jonathan is influenced by the world renowned band Primus, lead by the legendary guitarist Les Claypool. Jonathan's music is often compared to famous acts such as Dave Mathews Band, Keller Williams, and Rusted Root. Like many of these great masters, Jonathan's style of music doesn't fit neatly into any single category, rather it is a blend of Folk and Blues. While these styles of music are steeped in the great American traditions, don't let that fool you into thinking it's traditional music. Rather, Jonathan's fusion puts a modern twist on these styles and introduces a whole new generation to a brand new sound.

Jonathan "JiNXEMGOOD" is playing his music all over Las Vegas. Do not miss the opportunity to see him live!


Did You Know?

Jonathan had his first taste of Sin City back in 2008, but it wasn't in music. Prior to writing and performing his unique brand of music, Jonathan had a career as an Environmental Graphics Designer working in Architecture. Jonathan moved to Las Vegas where he spent his days designing and engineering various types of signage for major casinos on the strip. His work can be found at the famed Bellagio, Mirage, TI, Monte Carlo, and NewYork/NewYork just to name a few. But it didn't stop there... As an accomplished EGS Designer, Jonathan traveled on some 9,000 miles further to Dubai UAE where his work can be seen gracing many state-of-the-art rides of Ferrari World, a large indoor theme park dedicated to the Italian sports car Ferrari, located in Abu Dhabi.

Aside from his environmental graphics design work, Jonathan has also created a unique line of graphics t-shirts called Social-Weargasim. It's motto is "your #1 source for Socially Awkward, Politically Incorrect, and Straight Forward Imprinted Expression".



With an amazing sound and original approach, Jixemgood is a must listen!
Yuno Yawanit - PhillyMusicMayhem
Your songs just keep getting better and better with each one you create!! You are on FIRE! Keep it up.
Swade Brodsky
Thank You!! Your music is so good.. I really like it :)"
Steph Casey
amazing acoustic guitar player & great voice... exciting & very entertaining...
Mab Fantamorgana